7 Best Lifetime FREE Credit Cards in India [Zero Annual Fee]

There are many Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India across various banks and credit card issuers but only few of them are worth holding in your wallet. Below Credit Cards are some of the well known and note-worthy cards that not only has zero joining and renewal fee but also comes with significant benefits

Best Lifetime Free Cards

Here are the list of pure lifetime free credit cards in India that requires no joining fee or renewal fee to posses the card.

1. IDFC First Wealth Credit Card

A premium credit card that’s worth exploring for its airport lounge/spa/golf benefits. It rewards pretty good too if you have high value spends.

Apart from the above, you will also be able to get relatively low interest rate if you’re carry forwarding your balances.

2. Axis Myzone Credit Card

An amazing Credit Card in this segment that gives 40% off on Swiggy (equivalent to >5000 INR savings a year) and complimentary airport lounge access.

Note that Axis also does run lifetime free offer for this card every once in a while which is currently active. (ends by 31st March 2023).

3. Axis Indian Oil Credit Card

Axis Bank Indian Oil Credit Card isn’t the best pick for most because of the challenge in reward fulfilment system. But if it works well in your location, it’s an good card.

Note that Axis is now running Axis Indian Oil Credit Card as Lifetime Free. (ends by 31st March 2023).

    4. IDFC First Select Credit Card

    Just incase if you’re unable to get the IDFC Wealth Credit Card, chances are you would be approved for the IDFC Select credit card or other variants.

    It’s a semi-premium credit card that’s worth exploring for its airport lounge benefits and decent rewards.

    Apart from the standard benefit, you’ll also be able to enjoy the targeted promos like this diwali promo that shows up every once in a while.

    5. ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card

    If you’re shopping on Amazon and have Amazon Prime a/c, it makes sense to get ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card, as you can get 5% back as Amazon Pay Balance on Amazon spends.

    It esp. makes sense if you’re not holding other super premium credit cards that allows you to buy Amazon vouchers with accelerated rewards.

    6. HSBC Platinum Credit Card

    If you love direct cashback or intend to convert your points to Taj Hotels, then HSBC credit card is worth exploring, as it’s one of the very few cards in the country that allows conversion of points to Taj Innercircle

    7. Yes First Exclusive Credit Card

    While Yesbank Credit Cards were almost useless for the past over 3 years, we’ve started getting some wonderful offers lately like this 5X rewards offers, so it’s definitely worth exploring.

    Most Yesbank Cards are Lifetime Free cards, feel free to get the highest one for which you’re eligible.

    Other Credit Cards

    Apart from the above list, you may as well explore below credit cards if you’re interested in any specific benefit that these cards offer at the merchants that you frequently spend with.

    1. HDFC Credit Cards (depending on the available offer)
    2. Seasonal Offers on other ICICI Credit Cards, etc

    Speaking of HDFC Credit Cards, any card would do, as their merchant offers are pretty good, apart from reward rate.

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re looking for Lifetime Free Credit Cards with low annual spends, above list is sufficient for you to get maximum value even without significant spends, as the value you derive from the card benefits is quite lucrative.

    If you’re looking for more entry-level credit cards with low annual fee, or the cards that comes with fee waiver on spends, you may as well check out the best credit card article to get the complete list of best credit cards in India in 2023

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