Amex Targeted Offer: Get Vouchers worth upto Rs.40,000 based on spends

American Express India has been quite aggressive with targeted offers lately and they have sent out a targeted spend based offer to select credit card members (15th Feb 2023). Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Offer Details

OfferGet Rs.X amazon voucher on spending Rs.Y
Max. Voucher ValueRs.20,000 on Rs.6L spend (as far as I know)
Spend RequirementDynamic (likely based on previous usage)
Offer Period15 Feb 2023 – 15 April 2023
Fulfilment15th Aug 2023
Return on Spend3%-4% + Regular Rewards
SourceEmail – Term $ condition for 4k vouchers

Its a simple and straight-forward offer from Amex as usual and the return on spend too is similar as what we used to see before.

Vouchers of upto 20K INR were targeted for non-plat cardholders, decent I would say.

Amex targeted offer - feb 2023 details

What about Plat Charge?

While above are the offers received on regular cards, as always, Amex runs separate offers for plat charge cards and I’ve got one this time.

It’s an unimpressive 5K luxe voucher on 1L spend on my  plat charge . Unimpressive because of “luxe” voucher. I wish they remove Luxe and just stick with Amazon, Flipkart & Taj vouchers.

That aside, I can see that one can get rewards as high as 40k Taj vouchers on 9L spend , which is pretty good for those who spend in that scale.

Final Thoughts

This is probably the first time in Amex India’s history that they’re sending targeted offers every single month consecutively for past 3 months. Initially they ran the Dec-Jan offer and then Jen-Feb and now Feb-April.

That’s good for cardholders, as we can extract more value out of spends for almost half the year. If you’re new to Amex, this is perhaps the best time to apply for American Express Cards as you can avail them as First Year Free:

  • Amex plat travel (First Year FREE)
  • Amex MRCC (First Year FREE)

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