Amex Offer: Get vouchers worth upto Rs.50,000 on spends

American Express has come up with a new targeted spend linked offer for March/April 2022 with vouchers as grand as 50,000 INR on spends. This is an expected promo as Amex does such promos in the beginning of every year. Here are all the details you need to know,

Offer Details

  • Offer: Spend Rs.X and get Rs.Y voucher
  • Offer Period: 1st March to 15th April, 2022
  • Spend Type: Any
  • How to Enrol? Check email for the link.
  • Offer fulfilment: 15th Aug 2022

Remember that the fulfilment is expected ~4 months later, quite important for the Amex plat metal cards holders as renewal might kick-in before that period for some.

Offer Variants (Regular Cards)

  1. Spend 40K & get Rs.2K Amazon voucher
  2. Spend 1L & get Rs.4K Amazon voucher
  3. Spend 2.5L & get Rs.10K Taj voucher
  4. Spend 4L & get Rs.20K Taj voucher
  5. Spend 6L & get Rs.30K Taj voucher
  6. Spend 8L & get Rs.40K Taj voucher

Return on spend is in the range of 4-5% for most offers above, which is pretty good, just as it used to be.

Offer Variants (Platinum Charge Cards)

  1. Spend 1L & get Rs.5K Amazon voucher
  2. Spend 3L & get Rs.15K Taj voucher
  3. Spend 5L & get Rs.25K Taj voucher
  4. Spend 7L & get Rs.35K Taj voucher
  5. Spend 9L & get Rs.50K Taj voucher

Return on spend is 5% for most offers above except for #5 which gives 5.5% on the spend. And as always, these are above and beyond the regular rewards.

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