RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review

Update: This card is heavily devalued from 20th Sep 2022 after which it looses all the grand benefits of the card. Hence, it may no longer be useful for most.

You might have heard that popular saying that goes something like “There is no such thing as a free lunch“. But here’s a credit card from Zomato & RBL bank that can disprove that statement.

Zomato Edition credit card not only gives you amazing discounts on food, but also gives you the ability to order free food. Here’s everything you need to know about the Zomato Edition Classic credit card.


TypeDining Credit Card
Reward Rate1% to 10%
Annual FeeNil
Best forDining & birthday spends
USPAccelerated rewards on birthday

It’s a must have credit card for dining benefits without a doubt. You not only get 5% for Zomato spends but also on any dining spend done at offline restaurants.

Joining Fee

Joining Fee500 INR + GST (LTF, as of now)
Welcome Benefit500 INR worth Zomato Credits
Renewal Fee500 INR+GST

You get what you pay (if you pay the fee), as Zomato credits. But never mind, it’s currently being issued as a Lifetime Free card.


Zomato Credit Card – Design

The card comes in a nice and creamy colour that looks similar to the Elephant Tusk White. While I initially thought that it might attract a lot of dirt, fortunately it didn’t.


Regular rewards

Dining Spends (Zomato)5%
Dining Spends (Anywhere, Offline)5%
Birthday Spends10%
Online spends1.5%
Offline spends1%

It’s a neat and simple reward structure as you can see. The rewards at above rate are credited as Edition cash which can be viewed on the Zomato App.

The transaction wise detailed statement of the rewards earned can be seen on the app in a matter of few taps.

The cashback % and the value reflects instantly as soon as you take the transaction. This is an amazing feature to have and its probably the first in industry to introduce such a transparent system.

Zomato Card rewards

Milestone rewards

  • 2000 INR on spending 2L INR (annually)

That’s a nice 1% additional reward rate on top of the existing reward structure. So it’s easy to get rewards as good as 2.5% on online spends, upto 2L spend. And of-course a lot more on dining and birthday spends.

Zomato Pro

Apart from all the rewards, you also get Zomato Pro membership that comes with below features.

Not a fan of it as such, as I wish it also comes with no delivery fee sort of benefit like the Swiggy One. But well, something is better than nothing.

Zomato pro Benefits


It just takes few taps to redeem.

The Edition cash that you earn through credit card spends can then be redeemed for Zomato Credits in a click of a button and it gets available for use, instantly.

These Zomato credits can be used while placing the order on Zomato app and it serves much like real money. You can also use it in conjunction with other Zomato promo codes as well, which is great.

I’ve been ordering free food all through the year using Zomato credits and it works flawlessly.

Onboarding experience

It hardly took me ~3 mins or so when I initially got the card, an year ago. The application takes all the details from Aadhaar card and authenticates it via OTP. 

I’ve never seen such a buttery smooth credit card onboarding experience in my life. These days we have similar experience on Unicard, Slice & other BNPL apps as well, but I would say Zomato was the first to give such an experience, at-least for me.

The good news is, you don’t need to have any relationship with RBL Bank to get the card issued in matter of minutes. It took about a week to deliver the card in hand.

As you might know, ICICI Amazon Pay Card too was issued with such an easy onboarding process. However, it’s fast only for the ICICI account holders but here it’s for everyone.

Now I see that video KYC has been added additionally that could increase the process a bit, but overall it would hardly take less than 10 mins for the whole process to be completed.

How to apply?

  • Check out the “Money” tab on Zomato App

Zomato is onboarding customers in phases since past one month or so, on Visa. 

I see most Zomato app users are able to see the invite on the app but just incase if you’re not eligible yet, not to worry, it shouldn’t take more than a month or so for you to be able to apply for one. 

And by that time Zomato Edition black card can also be expected to be ready, along with upgrade offers for existing cardholders.

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