Buying CV Points? Here’s everything you need to Know

Club Vistara – the Loyalty program of Vistara airlines recently came up with a new feature that allows its members to buy CV points and redeem for flights. Here’s everything you need to know about the same.

How to Buy
Login to your Club Vistara Account
Go to My Account and select ‘Buy CV Points’
Select the number of CV Points you wish to buy
Point Value: Rs.1.25+GST(18%) = 1.5 INR/point

The Limits
Max. Points: 500,000 CV Points (in 12 months)
Validity: 3 yrs (36 months)
Per txn. Limit: 1,000 – 20,000 CV Points per transaction
The points are credited instantly upon payment but may take upto 48 hrs if things go wrong.

When to buy CV Points?
CV Points selling for: Rs.1.25+GST = ~1.5 INR/point
I Value CV points at: (Rs.0.75 – Rs. 1)/point
For Businesses: You can claim GST on this.
As you see above, there is no point in buying CV point in most cases. However, there are few reasons why/when anyone would want to buy CV points:

In short of points for redemption: If you’re looking for a business class flight at 20K CV points and if you only have 18K points, its fine to buy those 2K points and then redeem. Same goes with upgrades as well. Makes sense in most cases.
When revenue tickets are expensive: There are at times when the revenue tickets get expensive. This could be due to the festive season or due to the busy holiday route or last minute booking. In such cases, CV points might help you save well. Rare though as busy routes have limited awards anyway!
When Points are on Sale: Every loyalty program selling points may also sell them on deal at times, usually once or twice a year. So when the sale goes live, all you need to check is whether the net spend is Rs.1/point or below. If so it makes sense, at current redemption structure.
Redemptions on offer: If Vistara runs any lucrative redemption offers like 50% less CV points or so, it might make sense too.
Note: Don’t forget to check award availability if you intend to buy points.

While buying CV points turns out good in some situations, you may consider eliminating this option as long as you’ve credit card reward points.

For ex, You can transfer HDFC points to Club Vistara from super premium cards like HDFC Infinia and Diners black at 1:1 ratio and the transfers are also pretty fast, usually within 3-5 days.

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