You can now Chat with American Express Support via Amex Mobile App

If you’re an American Express Credit Card customer, you may already know that their support is of world-class and no Indian bank has ever come close to them. From understanding the issues to giving on spot solution, American Express is far ahead of the competition.

Now this is getting even better with their new Chat/Message support, wherein one can send a short message to American Express via their Amex Mobile app reg. their concerns/queries. This feature is now live for select customers, more details below.

American Express has recently enabled a chat/message option for select customers on their Amex Mobile app (both IOS & Android). If enabled, you’ll now see a chat icon on top right corner once you successfully login. This allows you to send a short message to Amex just like how you would chat with your friend.

Even-though its not enabled for my ac, I tried it on someone else’s ac and surprised to see response in under a minute. You could ask all sorts of queries that you would otherwise ask over Call/email.

I did check with a couple of queries, most of them were answered, and for some sensitive queries, they would still suggest you to give a call.

Support Page
Just like SMS
Oh yeah, they’re taking survey too!

Why its better than Call/Email

Given that they take a couple of hours (a day – at times) to respond to the support emails, chat is a good option for any quick doubts like checking the fulfilment of an offer, etc.

On other side, if you prefer to call, you need to go through IVR verification & spend some time over call to get things done.

So its an amazing feature that saves you time & even money if you’re roaming out of the country.

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