American Express Health Insurance – Review

One of the biggest and less known advantage of holding American Express credit card in India is their Insurance benefit. I’ve been availing their Car Insurance Benefit for past 3 years and have saved over 30% on premium compared to the regular rate in the market.

But I’ve never checked their health insurance offers in the past as I was quite ignorant about it. When I recently checked their Insurance offer, I was surprised that I’ve been missing out on this for years. If you’re new to Amex Health Insurance, here’s everything you need to know.

Health Insurance Plans

Amex has multiple customised health insurance plans with wellness benefits from different providers – covers ranging from 5L to 1Cr based on the needs of its cardholders.

The smaller/individual covers upto 10L are provided by ICICI Lombard, while the high/family covers are provided by Bharti AXA. The insurance providers may keep changing from time to time.

Among the available two, I see the ICICI Lombard offer to be very attractive (for my needs) and that’s what I opted for. 

While the similar insurance plan is also available with ICICI Lombard, there are certain advantages if you go through Amex.

Amex Advantage

  1. OPD Benefit (Covers Specs too) 
  2. Dedicated Helpline
  3. Priority claims processing
  4. No TPA
  5. Note: Covid-19 Hospitalisation expenses are covered as well

The most important benefit according to me is OPD benefit which is very rare and especially as the expense on spectacles (lens part of the bill) is covered, the plan fits perfectly for me.

You may also get your Gym/Yoga & other doctor consultation bills re-imbursed as a part of OPD benefit. Remember, the direct ICICI policy does have the OPD benefit but it doesn’t cover spectacles.

How to get it?

  • Email: insuranceservices [at]
  • SMS: HLT to 5616166
  • Call: 0124-4405500 (Monday to Saturday) 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

To get the Amex Health Insurance Policy, all you need to do is call the Amex Insurance line. They’ll do the formalities and charge the card directly in ~2 days.

The process is usually quick and you get the documents both soft copy & hard copy within 10 days. This is all done online via direct Amex online sourcing.

Apart from this, Amex also started selling health insurance via offline medium (especially during pandemic) and surprisingly the premium might vary a bit from online vs offline quotes (as I saw that with car insurance).

So I think its better to go with online quote as that’s what I see as lowest.

My Experience

So I went for the 10L Cover that costs me ~Rs.14,700 p.a. (varies with age) with Rs.10,000 OPD benefit. Now that’s like paying Rs.4,700 for 10L cover.

It gets even better if you fall under higher income tax slab as the amount you save under tax deduction would be significant. 

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