Hands on Experience with Amex Platinum Metal Card

As you know, I recently got the American Express Platinum charge card and this article is all about the hands on experience of the same. If you’re looking for features & benefits of the card, You can read the detail review here: American Express platinum Card review

Why Amex Platinum?

One fine day my friend got the 125k MR Upgrade offer and he quickly called up his credit card guy (ofcourse me!) to check if its worth it. As he’s already into Marriott/ITC, it totally made sense to grab it.

Application Process

It took about 10 days for the application to be processed and the primary card to be delivered. Then, another week for applying and receiving my supplementary card.


Both Primary & supplementary cards are delivered in similar box as that of the primary card. The only difference though is that the card holder case of Primary card has some wooden finish while supplementary card came in plain grey finish. Here are some pictures,

The Metal Form Factor

Its a contactless enabled card that looks pretty solid and weighs much on wallet. You could very well feel the weight by holding in hands as it weighs 3X more than a typical plastic credit card.

Here’s are the weight comparison done by one of the reader and cardholder Saurav with his plastic & metal Amex Platinum cards.

Amex Platinum Card – Plastic Variant

The card is not fully metal as you may assume, meaning the front side is metal and the back side has thin layer of paper/plastic with magnetic stripe, card number and the other details.

I’ve made a quick video for you to get better idea of how it actually looks in reality.

Getting Started

Amex customer care didn’t Wow me for the first time when I wanted info on how to enroll and other related details, esp. for supp. cards. I called up multiple times to finally figure that out. Its super simple and you can do all of it online in matter of minutes.

First thing you must do is link the card to your Amex online account. I went with creating a separate account for this Supp. card, for enrolling to various hotel privileges.

Amex has a single page to enroll into . It looks like this,

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