Hands on with Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

If at all there is one credit card that suits best for beginners, that must be Amazon Pay Credit Card by ICICI Bank. While I don’t really plan to use the card much, I got it primarily to experience the application process and of-course to add new plastic to my collection.

One fine day, when I opened the Amazon home page, a banner showed up, asking me to apply for the Amazon pay credit card

I also opened the application page link  on Amazon app and I was now able to see the Apply Now option being enabled there as well.

Application Process

  • It was a 4 page process & it hardly took 1 minute to Apply.
  • The Virtual card was made available for instant use.
  • Amazon App & Net Banking also shows the new card in realtime.
  • The limit was shared with my other ICICI Credit Cards (Jet Sapphiro Amex & Visa)
  • The Physical Card received just in 2 DAYS. This is the fastest I’ve ever seen.
  • The design was Good enough for a Free card.

The sweetest part is, there is no CIBIL enquiry. Its amazing to see how ICICI did the integration with Amazon to make this entire process super fast and simple.

I wish every other credit card company does the application process as simple as this. Here are some of the images through the application process.

How to become Eligible?

I initially thought I cracked the code, because I got this invite just after spending over Rs.50K in the month. But then I came to know that many others too got the offer the same day, so that “may not” be the eligibility.

That aside, I did few things when this credit card was initially launched. Like, I made test payments using all my ICICI credit/debit cards to see if that triggers the eligibility.

So, somehow I was added to their system during their Financial Year End push. I’m sure most of you might be eligible for the Amazon Pay Credit Card by now. If not, you may try things that i did above.

What’s more?

So, basically I got paid Rs.300 for getting this free card, just like the Amex plat Travel offers wherein you can get paid ~Rs.3000 for applying, for free!

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