Swapping Your Jet Airways Credit Cards with Amex & ICICI

As Jet Airways is out of Business, as the ability to redeem JPMiles Post Jet Airway Shutdown  for better value is getting tougher and also as I’ve good amount of JPMiles already, I decided to stop accumulating JPMiles going forward.

So I had to swap my Jet Airways Credit Cards for better ones across multiple issuers. Here are my experiences in doing so

Swapping Amex Jet Card

Amex has a dedicated team to handle the Jet cards issue and when you ask for a different valiant, you’ll be given options as available at that point of time.

For now, you can get Plat Travel or Plat Reserve card for free as a Companion card. Some even got discounted rate of Rs.35,000+GST for Plat Chart Cart with 30k Taj Vouchers.

Now the problem I had was that I have hit the max cards limit by Amex which is: 2 Credit Cards & 1 Charge Card. So when I requested for Plat Reserve as companion card, they took the request but was later rejected.

Even after 10+ calls, Amex team was not good at handling cases like mine, so I ended up escalating it, after which I was said that I need to close my Jet card and apply Reserve separately.

But as I already applied for Reserve few months back (and got denied for same reason), I can’t apply now. So Amex was able to close my Jet card & re-process the previous Reserve application.

And good news is that as Jet was few months away from renewal, they refunded the fee on Jet card pro-rate basis. Saved about Rs.1,400 there.

So finally, now I have the Amex Reserve!

Update: I was later said that the card has been setup as a Lifetime Free Variant 

Swapping ICICI Jet Card

As you may know, I’ve been using ICICI Jet sapphiro  for quite sometime and had accumulated good # of JPMiles in the last 2X JpMiles Promo. Yet, as the renewal came, I decided to close it. Yes, the Dreamfolks  Dragonpass benefit was quite useful but I never used the base fare waived Jet ticket ever.

Before closing jet Sapphiro, I requested for Emeralde Cards. They took the details and said to callback in sometime. It took more than two weeks and by then I decided to go for the beautiful ICICI Coral Amex credit card.

So I got the Coral Amex in hand and then closed the Jet Saphirro. The following week, I got the call for Emeralde and I opted for it as well. So now I’ve both Emeralde Amex & Coral Amex, apart from the Amazon Pay Credit Cards.

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