Vistara Business Class Review – Delhi to Bangalore (DEL-BLR)

This is the review of Vistara business class that I flew during March 2018. As I’ve reviewed my first Vistara Biz class experience in detail here already: Vistara Bussiness class MAA- DEL, this is going to be more of an add-on review that gives more info on what you could expect in the route: Delhi to Bangalore (DEL-BLR).


Redeeming the business class voucher received from AXIS Vistara infinite credit card  is quick and easy. I called up support, quickly connected to the Club Vistara Gold helpline and I got the ticket in matter of minutes, post payment of taxes.

  • Flight: Air Vistara UK817
  • Route: Delhi (DEL) – Bangalore (BLR)
  • Seat: 1F (Business Class)
  • Revenue Ticket: ~20,000 INR
  • I Paid: ~370 INR (Voucher Redemption)

Ground Experience

1. Dedicated Checkin

I used dedicated check-in counter to check-in my luggage and proceeded to the fast track security lane.

As Delhi is a busy airport, this usually saves a lot of time. Its even worse if you fly Jet Airways as the economy queue is usually huge.

Saved: ~30mins

2. Security – Fast track

Delhi Airport has a fast track security lane for business class passengers that can save you from the crowd.

However, the problem with Delhi Airport is its so big that you need to walk another 5-10 mins to reach the gate/Vistara lounge.

Saved: ~20mins

3. Vistara Lounge

As reviewed earlier, Vistara has its own proprietary lounge at Delhi airport and its far better than the crowded Plaza Premium Lounge.

As boarding gate is located just next to the Vistara lounge, you don’t need to leave the lounge in advance.

I spent more than a hour in the lounge

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Food Options

In flight experience

1. Priority Boarding 

There were frequent power shut down in the lounge during my visit and i wasn’t able to see the boarding status on display. 

So I asked the lounge supervisor to inform me while boarding. She kindly did so and I almost went straight to the plane as Business Class passengers get priority boarding.

2. Welcome Drink

I wish all airlines come up with Coconut water & water melon as welcome drink options, but well, I got only lime juice here.

Vistara Business Class – Welcome Drink

Little did she know about the mocktail indulgence I had at the lounge minutes before. Moments later, choice of newspapers/magazines were given along with cold towel & dining menu.

3. Seat

The seat was firm and comfortable, yet I wish its rather soft. The footrest doesnt work the way it has to, not just on this flight, but even on other Vistara flights I flew.

Anyway, I don’t even use it except for testing purposes. So its OKAY!

Vistara Business Class – Seats
Vistara Business Class – Seat
Vistara Business Class – Seat Controls
Vistara Business Class – Spacious Legroom
Vistara Business Class – Footrest
Vistara Business Class – Bulkhead

4. Food

I went with Non-Veg option from the menu and it was Delicious! The Blackcurrant mocktail was as good as Blue Curacao which i had on my other flight.

Vistara Business Class – Dining Menu
Vistara Business Class – Menu
Vistara Business Class – Food Tray
Vistara Business Class – Food
Vistara Business Class – Mocktail (BlackCurrant)

5. In Flight Entertainment

It wasn’t ready by the time I flew but now they’ve introduced Vistara World which is their inflight entertainment system.

Flying BLR-DEL?

I also flew Vistara Business Class in Bangalore to Delhi (BLR-DEL) route on UK 818 and I was disappointed that BLR airport doesn’t have a fast track security lane for business class.

As BLR airport is bit crowded, it took me about ~30 mins to clear security. While i could manage that, i doubt about the real business class passengers who “pay” for it. Also the dinner (Non-Veg) could have been better on that flight

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