Aloft Hotel Coimbatore Review

While there are better hotels in Coimbatore, I had to go with aloft as I’ve to complete the targeted offer from SPG. The offer that I received was: take 1/2 paid stays and get 1/2 nights free in cat 1-5 properties. This could potentially save 40k INR by taking free nights at cat 5 properties. Additionally, there was bonus 500 points offer for each stay in Aloft as part of their “Explore More” promo. So it’s the right time to make use of all the offers!

Aloft Coimbatore Booking and Check-in:

  • Tariff: ~3,000 INR+GST per night

I booked Aloft Room for 2 nights and got the standard room on one day and splash room on other day. Splash room is nothing but the same room overlooking the splash, that’s how they call the swimming pool which is not so cool either. Looks like they are selling suites at cheap rates that sells easily, so they’re not interested in offering an upgrade.

As soon as I arrived the property, there was no one to take care of my luggage. I have to park my car nearby and take care of it myself. This reminds me of the hospitality at Taj, Goa when the manager in suit himself came forward to take care of our luggage.

Aloft Room:

The room was compact with fully carpet covered floor and the room A/c temperature was just perfect by default as i wish it to be. The colour, especially the dark grey paint on walls doesn’t seem to be a good choice, though aloft follows that across all their properties around the world. They had all necessary amenities in the room.

The work table looks just good but not that functional to me. I got back pain just in 30 mins of work, maybe since i got used to better ergonomic chairs for years .


Its been many years since i saw a hotel tap with salt deposit on it and i finally saw that in Aloft Hotel, Coimbatore. There were bit of salt deposits everywhere around the bath/sink area which sometimes makes it feel like a 2 star hotel. While its something that we could adjust to, the hotel needs to take proper care of the same atleast for being a Starwood property.

Breakfast & More:

They had a decent breakfast spread in the restaurant, called “dot.yum” with mostly south Indian dishes as expected. The way they named the places are creative and good. For ex, they call Gym as “charge”.

Coming to Wifi, i generally do-not use hotel wifi as Airtel these days is generous enough to offer 1Gb/day packs which is much more sufficient for me. But when i checked the hotel wifi here, it was as good as 7-14Mbps and there doesn’t seem to be any limit on usage.


I booked the stay here knowing that i’m not gonna have any wow experience as i see that from the reviews, so at-least am not disappointed. Overall, considering its rates, its a good property for quick business travel or layover near the airport but not a great choice for leisure travellers.

  • Cardexpert Hotel Rating: 3.5/5  [yasr_overall_rating]

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