Hotel Review: Le Meridien, Coimbatore

I visit Coimbatore frequently and I’ve crossed this property over 10 times in past couple of months but i had never even thought of checking it out. To my surprise, i found that it has lot to offer once i started exploring for Starwood Hotels around me.

Quick Info: Le Meridien Coimbatore is an upscale business hotel designed with European Luxury in mind as like any other Le Meridien property. Its the largest hotel in coimbatore, located out of city surrounded by empty lands, though its a short 10 mins drive from the airport.

Junior Suite at Le Meridien Coimbatore:

Living Room:

As soon as you enter the suite, there comes the living room with large sofa and a comfortable chair (i like this) with coffee table. The entire suite was furnished with grey/black finish concept, living room has wooden floor and the bedroom has marble floor. We didn’t spend much time here, though serves the purpose for those who needs.

The Living room is connected to the bedroom with a small hallway which actually makes it feel detached but helps for those who need more privacy, just incase if you’ve any guests in living room.

Bed Room:

The bed was very comfortable, especially the pillows are super soft. If you look closer, you can see one large pillow, which is the biggest i’ve ever seen in hotels. The work table and the chair setup is good and serves the purpose. The suite has a view of empty lands and a bit of city view beyond that.

On the bed, we saw a couple of vouchers placed, one of them was for a complimentary coffee, which we ordered to the room.

Bath Room:

The hallway that connects living room and bedroom also connects to the bathroom with a sliding door. Bathroom was quite spacious with marble sink and marble bath tub, all fitted with TOTO toilets and also had a rain shower.

Complimentary One Hour Drinks:

I would say, this is by far one of the least noticed benefit, but with a great value. The complimentary drinks and snacks are usually served in the bar at lobby level, between 6-8pm. As soon as we entered the bar, i was surprised to see only 4-5 people, as i was expecting a large crowd.

They seem to have some set of hot drinks available with no limits but we went with available soft drinks and some snacks. For snacks, they had some veg balls and fried chicken. We ordered both and got them refilled couple of times. I could call it as a mini dinner with a decent value.

  • Approx. Value: Rs.1000

Complimentary One Hour Drinks/Snacks

Though it has a nice value, remember, this is served in the bar and so it maynot work out if you travel with family. Maybe i think that’s why its not crowded.


The breakfast was served in the restaurant at the lobby level which looks majestic. They had huge breakfast spread with lots of fruits, juices along with the main course.

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