How To Deactivate SBI Credit Card Auto-Debit Option?

SBI Card offers multiple Credit Card bill payment channels to its cardholders, ensuring timely payments and convenience at the same time. To make sure that the cardholders make timely bill payments and be safe from heavy interest charges, the card issuer has provided both online as well as offline methods to settle the credit card bill payments. One such amazing method for SBI Credit cardsettlement is the SBI Auto-Debit option. With the Auto Debit option, credit card bills can be settled automatically by debiting an amount from your account on the specified date. Though the Auto Debit feature is an excellent method, it does carry its own disadvantages.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how you can deactivate the Auto-Debit option activated on your SBI Credit Card. Hence, if you were looking for the same information and want to deactivate the feature, refer to the following details.

SBI Credit Card Auto-Debit Option

The Auto-Debit option is no doubt an excellent feature associated with a credit card. With this option, your credit card monthly bill will be automatically settled by debiting the same amount from your savings or current account. Therefore, cardholders need not worry about timely payments for their credit cards. However, apart from the benefits of the auto debit option on credit cards, there can be some loopholes associated with the same.

Disadvantages Of Using Auto-Debit Option

  • Must Maintain the Bill Amount: The Auto-debit option directly debits your savings/current account to make the bill payment for your credit card. Therefore, the cardholder needs to maintain the balance for the bill payment. On the failure of this, the cardholder would be charged with heavy interest charges in case the due date has passed.
  • No Track on Payments: When credit card bills are automatically paid, it is very hard to keep track of the payments. The cardholder is not able to manage the payments and in case of any mistake or default, there is no manual access to change the payment.

Therefore, the best way is to deactivate the Auto debit option on your credit card.

How to Deactivate the Auto-Debit option?

The procedure to deactivate the Auto-Debit payment method on your SBI Credit Card is very simple and quick. The following steps will assist you in deactivating the method for your SBI credit card:

  • Download the Auto debit deactivation letter form Central
How To Deactivate SBI Credit Card Auto-Debit Option?
  • Fill in the form with your details including, Name, Card Number, and Bank account number.
How To Deactivate SBI Credit Card Auto-Debit Option?
  • Mail the Signed Letter to this address:
    SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd.
    P.O. Bag No.28, GPO, New Delhi – 110001

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