Jet Airways Domestic Business Class Review (BOM-CJB)

During my recent trip to Mumbai, i happened to fly Jet Airways Business Class (Première) and here’s my detailed review on the same. The route is BOM (Mumbai) -> CJB (Coimbatore) which is quite short, also burning JPmiles for short domestic flights is not a wise idea, but there are few reasons why I opted for:

  1. It’s gonna be my first business class experience.
  2. Gives access to GVK Business Class lounge which was on my check list for a while.
  3. Was able to get 1 JPMile = ~2.5 INR which was bit tempting


I booked my ticket in economy class by redeeming my HDFC credit card reward points, actual value: ~7,000 INR. Then i tried to upgrade my ticket to Premiere using JPmiles but it didn’t go through online. Well, i got it done at check-in counter.

  • Flight: Jet Airways 9W 420
  • Route: BOM – CJB
  • Seat: 1A (Premiere / Business Class)
  • Depart 18:35Pm Arrive 20:30Pm
  • Revenue Ticket: ~30,000 INR
  • I Paid: 0 INR (CC Points + JPMiles)

Jet Airways Premiere – Ground Experience

1. Dedicated Check in

I used dedicated check in counter as it’s a benefit from ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro credit card  that i opted for recently. While checking-in my luggage’s, to my surprise, i was asked if i would like to upgrade my ticket to business class stating that seats are now available.

Wow! I asked the person to upgrade me with JPMILES and tada I was issued a business class ticket after filling the redemption form, burned 9000 JPmiles for it and here comes my first ever business class seat. My luggage was tagged as “Priority” so i can access it faster on arrival.

You can save: ~20 Mins

2. Security Fast Track

There is a separate security line for business class that makes passing the security a breeze as there was hardly one guy in the entire business class lane.

You can save: ~10 Mins

3. Lounge Access

Gives access to the amazing GVK Lounge.

Jet Airways Business Class – In Flight experience

Apart from comfortable seat with more legroom and reclining abilities, here are some the best part of the flight:

1. Welcome drink

As soon as I got settled in my seat, i was given a welcome drink with a choice of water melon or lime juice and I went ahead with water melon, which is my all time favorite. The guy near me went with the other, more about him on later.

2. Cold Towel

Shortly after, we were also given the dining menu for evening meal to choose from. We can choose one starter and a dessert or juice. On expert opinion, i went with “Tawa Macchi” which is nothing but a Pan Fried Fish.

3. Food

Shortly after takeoff comes the food that was served super hot. The fish that I ordered was indeed very fresh and tastes so unique. The dessert was okay, though not my type.

4. The Fellow Traveler

Every once in a while, you can easily spot Celebrities in Business Class and in my case, i met an interesting frequent flier. He had been to 50+ countries, taken thousands of flights, earned and burned millions of JPMiles. Not to wonder, he has all the top end credit cards including Citi prestige and holds Jet Privilege Platinum Tier membership.

His ticket was infact upgraded for free as the economy class seems to be overbooked and he was given higher preference for upgrade being a platinum member. With a lot of information sharing, the entire 2 hrs went like a breeze and i hardly had time to look around the beauty of Mumbai while take off. This part makes the entire business class experience very much fulfilling and complete.

And hey, i got my luggage on arrival really faster, thanks to Priority tag!

  • CardExpert Flight Rating: 4.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

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