Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card Review

I’ve been getting review requests for Kotak credit cards so much so that I decided to finally write about it. The reason why i had not reviewed Kotak credit cards is because most of them are very low rewarding with no USP, except the movie benefit linked cards.

The review of one such card is what we’re gonna see now. I took help of the actual cardholder to give real life user experience. Let’s get into the review,

  • Joining Fee: Nil
  • Annual Fee: 499 INR + GST

Kotak PVR Gold – Features & Benefits

This card primarily gives movie vouchers on spends and so reward points concept doesn’t apply here. You get PVR vouchers every month based on the spend milestones as below:

  • Spend 10k INR and get 1 PVR Voucher worth 400 INR (Reward Rate: 4%)
  • Spend 15k INR and get 2 PVR Vouchers worth 400 INR each = 800 INR (Reward Rate: 5.3%)

Here is what actual cardholder Varun Patil say about Kotak PVR Gold credit card:

I’m spending more than 15k per month and getting 2 PVR tickets each worth 400. I usually go for PVR recliner, if ticket price is 400, i need to pay only 32 rupees (internet handling fee 25Rs & 7Rs GST). It’s not applicable on PVR gold and IMAX, but still it’s fully worth.

It makes sense to hold this card if you’re frequent to PVR cinemas and choose recliners over other seats as non-recliner seats are usually priced under 300 INR.

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