SBI Credit Limit Enhancement and Upgrades – Everything You need to know

It’s been a while since I was holding  SBI Simpy Click  credit card. So I was trying to upgrade it to SBI Prime card and finally got it, after chasing for couple of months. I got to know few things while doing this and so this article will help you understand more about SBI’s upgrade and credit limit enhancement process better.


Before you go with a credit card upgrade, it’s better to request for credit limit enhancement. This is because the premium cards are usually eligible when there is a good credit limit.

How to?

All you need to do is: Login into your account->Benefits->Card Limit Increase

Enter your income details and it’ll show eligible limit. If there is a pre-approved offer, you don’t even need to enter any details, it’ll pop up automatically. If this is not showing up even after 6 months of card opening, upload your income docs and submit using Mailbox->Compose.

You can expect the limit to be increased in 24-48 hrs. It’s pretty fast than I expected.

My Experience:

  1. Manual: They gave close to 2X for me on one of my LE application with IT docs. New limit reflects in ~48 hrs. Side note: I’ve also heard someone who got 4X as well. Totally depends on Spends & income.
  2. Auto LE: I got exact 50% increase offer on netbanking the second time. Got the limit increased instantly.

SBI Credit Card – Auto Limit Enhancement Confirmation

What’s your experience with SBI CC limit enhancement?

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SBI Credit Card Upgrade

SBI says you need to wait upto 6 months to initiate any credit card upgrade or downgrade. If you’ve previously downgraded your card, SBI actually need you to wait for 1 year, even though they mention only 6 months on their FAQ.

How to?

Reach out to customer care and request for the credit card upgrade. Or, you can also use net-banking to request for the same. I prefer Netbanking as there will be a record for you to escalate just incase if it doesn’t go through.

Note: Escalations (both offline & online) don’t usually help with upgrades, at-least in my case. They’ll send the request to an eligibility team and if they deny, it keeps repeating again & again.

Even-though my Limit was good enough with card age being 6 months old post downgrade, my case was running for 3 months and they upgraded it only after 1 Year was completed. That brings me to the next topic!

CIBIL Effect on Upgrade

For some reason or other, SBI opens a fresh account on CIBIL even though you upgrade or downgrade your existing card. This is probably why they don’t want to do upgrade/downgrade in 6 months time.

This is very bad for cardholders because CIBIL will show as if you’ve closed the old card in one year. For ex, I was initially holding SBI Air India Signature Card and downgraded it to SBI Simpyclick and then upgraded to SBI Prime . With most banks, this should show only as one account  on CIBIL, but with SBI, it shows 3 different accounts: 2 closed, 1 open. NOT GOOD!

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