Vistara Lounge at Delhi Airport Review (T3 Domestic)

Vistara Lounge at Delhi International Airport is more like a business class lounge that allows access only to Business Class passengers and Club Vistara Gold & Platinum members. That means overall less crowd compared to the all-time crowded Plaza premium Lounge at delhi T3

My Experience at Delhi Vistara Lounge

Here’s my experience in visiting Vistara Airport Lounge at Delhi international airport (domestic departures from T3 Terminal) during my DEL-BLR trip in Vistara Business Class.

Check in

I was allowed in just by showing my Vistara business class boarding pass – Super Fast entry. They didn’t even scan the boarding pass, which was interesting to note.

Vistara Lounge at Delhi Airport – Check-in

Seating & Interiors

The lounge has good set of seating area, that includes:

  • Regular lounging area
  • Dining area
  • Recliners – facing tarmac
  • Meeting room
  • Reserved room (for VIP’s)

Given the number of passengers accessing the lounge compared to its size, you can expect not more than 50% occupancy at most times, which means more pleasant experience.

The availability of the recliners in the lounge is a good thing but as they got only two of them, it’s almost always occupied.

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Interiors

Its important to know that the lounge doesn’t have a washroom within, but you can still access the common airport washroom, located ~20 steps away from the lounge.

Food & mocktail

The food spread in Vistara lounge is pretty decent. You can expect starters, main course and some fruits/desserts though they could improve a bit, to be on par

Mocktails: The best part of the lounge, atleast to me, is the availability of mocktails. Even-though we have cold drinks in all lounges, availability of mocktails does make a difference. I tried two mocktails:

  • Litchi (love it)
  • Strawberry crusher (its good)

I actually didn’t see any other passengers have mocktail in the lounge, maybe they didn’t know about it? Anyways, have a look at the pictures below:

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Mocktails Bar


You can get things done, whenever you want it. From serving mocktails to other minor assistance, you can get help from them.

During my trip, there were frequent power shut down in the lounge and i wasn’t able to see the boarding status, so i asked the lounge supervisor about it.

She was kind enough to inform me personally when the boarding began. I’m not sure whether the business class boarding pass is doing this trick or its normal treatment for everyone else there

Facilities at Delhi Vistara Lounge (T3 Domestic)

  • Wifi: Aiport Wifi
  • Food: Yes, decent spread
  • Ambiance: Good.
  • Recharge Station: Yes
  • Complimentary Access to: Business Class, CV Gold & Plat members, Lounge access vouchers
  • CardExpert Lounge Rating: 4.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

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