Higher Credit Card Limit: A Boon Or A Trap

Credit card seems to fit in the word “convenience”. These types of cards are not only designed for our convenience but also depict our financial health. Every credit card comes with a certain limit of usage per month which is the main factor why credit cards are convenient but has multiple benefits as well.

A credit card gives you a certain amount of funds that you can borrow and the limit depends on one’s credit score. In simpler words, a better credit score means a higher credit limit.
Every coin has two faces, this rule also applies to credit cards as well. No matter how convenient credit cards might be, they still have their pros and cons. Evaluating each advantage and disadvantage of every type of card provided by different providers is a very tricky and time-consuming task.


Increasing your credit limit: Pros and cons

However, the positive and negative can be evaluated in general. The Credit card limit and both the advantages and disadvantages of the credit cards are mentioned below:

Advantages –

Purchasing power – As obvious as it sounds, it is true that a higher credit card limit will give you more purchasing power. This will fulfil all your needs and wants. This feature will help you increase your financial health in the market.

Emergency Funds – There can be many reasons why a person might need emergency funds. You can never imagine how helpful a credit card can be when it comes to unthinkable situations. Not just for you but for your loved ones will also be protected from an eventful situation. As unpredictable as life can be, a high credit card limit can help you manage it pretty elegantly.

High credit score – Your credit score will not be left untouched with the Highest credit card limit you can get. Credit score, not saying further for its importance, defines your economical path. And increasing your credit limit seems like a great deal for credit scores.

Financial Safety – Last but not least, your financial safety or stability. Increasing your card limit to its highest will give you financial safety. You don’t need to struggle in your daily life even to suffice your desires.

These advantages seem pretty fascinating for every user. But these advantages do not include the purchases you were going to make anyway like paying for bills and utilities, without any profit, credit cards will do the same for you while giving you some benefits to it which we call ‘rewards’.

Now, let’s have a look at the disadvantages of a higher credit card limit.

Disadvantages –

Additional debt – With a higher credit limit, you spend more which directly means your debt increases as well. Another threat to having the Highest credit card limit is since you already have one card with a higher limit, you might not get another card to increase its limit.

Higher Interest – If you pay your card dues timely every month, then there is nothing to worry about. But if you fail to make the payment, you will be entitled to pay additional interest cost. Although this is only valid if you do not make your payments on time. Your credit score will suffer from this as well.

False sense of Security – If you are unable to monitor your finances regularly, the false or bogus sense of security will not come into use. You might be convinced about your credit limit increase is more than required but it only increases your chances of applying for new credit and the end up result is going to be added inquiries added to your credit card.
There are many disadvantages where you might think that it can put you in a lot of trouble where you might end up paying even more than you spend which seems like a loss and this is true as well. You might end up in a pile of debt. But there is one more thing that is true whether there will be any debt to you or not is going to depend on you. You might spend as much as you want but you will have to return it as well. Credit cards are just that deal.

Bottom line

Not many people are aware of the convenience of a credit card with the Highest credit card limit. Reckless spending can also make you regret your decision of having a credit card let alone one with a higher limit.

A higher limit on your credit card can prove to be a boon only if you know how to use that. However, if you forget its use and try to misuse it, it will prove to be a trap for you. To have a credit card proven to be a boon for you, consider yourself responsible for all of your expenditures otherwise it will ruin all of its benefits.

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