Axis Atlas Credit Card Review

This year Axis Bank launched Axis atlas credit card and it has done Axis magnus to Axis atlas to Improve rewards . this card focuses on Airmiles and travel benefits .


  • Joining fees and annual fees INR5000 + GST. No fee waiver based on spends


  • Joining Benefit:
    • 5000 EdgeMiles on completing 3 transactions within 60 days.
  • Recurring Benefits:
    • Up to 10000 EdgeMiles depending on tier achieved. Tier is linked to annual spending.
  • Reward Points:
    • Standard Reward Rate: 1 2 EdgeMile on every INR100 spent. 1 EdgeMile= INR 1(2% reward rate). This is the change made recently and has improved the card’s proposition.
  • Lounge Access:
    • Domestic: 8-18 domestic lounge access depending on Tier.
    • International: 4-12 international lounge access depending on Tier.
  • Airport Concierge Service: 2-4 complimentary end-to-end VIP services at airports within India.
  • Airport pickup Service: 2 complimentary airport pickup services for the Platinum Tier.

A few things that stand out for Axis Atlas credit card are

  • With 2 EdgeMiles per 100 spent, the base reward rate is at 2%. Which is very good indeed.
  • Reward rate below 7.5lakh annual spend is very mediocre even for airmiles transfer. It improves as you get into the Gold and Platinum tier.
  • To get the maximum benefit from this card, one has to spend on airline tickets or hotel bookings. Thus, if you don’t travel frequently but want to convert points into airmiles for a vacation, there are other better cards than Axis Atlas.

Major Benefits of Axis Atlas Credit Card

. Base Reward Rate 2 %

.Multiple Airlines / Hotel Transfer partners with good conversion ratio.

.Free Lounge Access is applicable to guests.

Drawabacks of Axis Atlas Credit Card

. It wont earn edge miles on Insurance Spends of 5k or more.

.No Annual fee Waiver.


It has good reward rate of 2% . Someone who travels frequently and spend more than 10 lakhs annually on travel will be able to make maximum benefits.

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