Air India Unions send legal notice as AI rolls out new contracts for pilots

Indian Pilots Guide (IPG) and pilots union Indian commerial pilot Association (ICPA) sent legal notice to Air India over the revised term and conditions service .

In the notice sent to Airlines the unions alleged that the action of contacting member pilots “individually” in the matter of the terms and conditions of service “is not only unjust, coercive and intimidatory, but is illegal .

Indian courts have consistently held that, save and except in matters of termination or discharge from service of an individual workman, there cannot, in law, be any individual settlement or agreement entered into between a management and an individual workman, and if any such agreement is signed it is neither legal nor binding and cannot have legal effect,” the ICPA notice read.

These notices come days after ICPA and IPG asked their members not to accept the revised terms of employment.

On Monday, Air India unveiled a revised terms of employment for pilots and cabin crew. The ‘Revised Terms of Employment and Compensation Details’ were emailed to pilots in Air India and Air India Express

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