ICICI Bank Launches Emeralde Private Metal Credit Card

The new ICICI Bank Emeralde Private Metal Credit Card provides enhanced security features and access to luxury airport lounges worldwide, making it a top choice for high-net-worth individuals.


The Taj Epicure membership is offered for the first year.

25,000 bonus reward points are received after the annual fee payment each year.

Additionally, the EazyDiner Prime membership is renewed annually, providing exclusive dining privileges, such as complimentary dishes, discounts, and priority reservations at top restaurants.

More Benefits

The primary cardholder receives unlimited golf games/lessons. The Emerald Private Metal Credit Card grants unlimited domestic airport lounge access for both the primary and add-on cardholders. Priority Pass provides unlimited international airport lounge access for both the primary and add-on cardholders. Twice per month, a buy one, get one free movie/event ticket from BookMyShow is available, with a maximum discount of Rs. 750 per ticket. Up to Rs. 12,000 refund for a maximum of 2 transactions per year on tickets booked exclusively with the Emerald Private Metal Credit Card. Discounted markup fees: 1.99%. Unlimited fuel surcharge waiver of 1% is given for all transactions up to Rs. 4000.


  • Earn 25 reward points for every Rs. 200 spent.
  • No reward points are earned on rent payments and fuel purchases.
  • Each reward point is equivalent to Rs. 0.25.
  • The reward rate is 3.13%.
  • To redeem the reward points, a fee of Rs. 99 plus applicable GST is charged per redemption.

Please note that the reward rate of 3.13% is calculated based on the value of the reward points earned compared to the amount spent, excluding rent payments and fuel purchases. This means that for every Rs. 200 spent, you earn 25 reward points worth Rs. 6.25 (25 points * Rs. 0.25 per point), which represents a 3.13% return on your spending.


If you spend Rs. 8 lakhs per year, you will receive 2 air travel vouchers worth Rs. 3000 each from EaseMyTrip, totaling Rs. 6000 in rewards.

The reward rate for this spending is 0.75%, meaning you will earn 0.75% of Rs. 8 lakhs, which is Rs. 6000, in the form of these air travel vouchers.

This offer could be beneficial if you frequently travel and can make use of the travel vouchers. Keep in mind that the reward rate is relatively low, but it could still be a nice perk if you’re already spending the money on travel and other eligible expenses. Always consider your personal spending habits and needs before deciding on any rewards program.

Joining Fee: Rs. 12,499 + GST. Annual Fee: Rs. 12,499 + GST. Annual Fee Reversal Criteria: Spend Rs. 10 lakhs in the next card membership year to have your annual fee reversed.

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