BoB Financial Launches 3 New Pragati RuPay Credit Cards

Bank of Baroda’s BoB Financial has taken a significant step towards honoring and supporting India’s armed forces, navy, other defense personnel, and government officials. In a strategic move, BoB Financial unveiled an exclusive tie-up with three Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) operating under the Bank of Baroda umbrella. This partnership aims to offer the esteemed Pragati RuPay credit cards to the target audience, further empowering them with financial benefits and privileges.

BoB Financial has launched three new credit cards –

BGGB Pragati RuPay Credit Card (exclusively for Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank customers)

BRKGB Pragati RuPay Credit Card (exclusively for Baroda Rajasthan Kshetriya Gramin Bank customer)

BUPB Pragati RuPay Credit Card (exclusively for Baroda UP Bank customers)

All the three credit cards are perfect for farmers and other people in rural areas. Let’s see what does these Pragati RuPay cards have to offer.

Reward Points

A maximum of 1000 reward points per month can be earned on departmental stores, movies, and grocery with the card, with 5 reward points awarded per Rs. 100 spent on these categories.

Insurance Benefits

Get complimentary personal accident death cover up to Rs. 15 Lakhs for air accidents and Rs. 5 Lakhs for non-air accidents.

Free Add-on Credit Card

You can get up to 3 Add on credit card lifetime free for your parents, siblings, spouse, or kids who are above 18 years old.

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