HDFC Bank and Swiggy have joined forces to introduce a compelling co-branded credit card

The HDFC Bank and Swiggy co-branded credit card is set to revolutionize the way customers enjoy their dining and online .

Offering a generous 10% cashback on Swiggy orders and an additional 5% cashback on popular e-commerce platforms .

Eligible customers can look forward to getting their hands on this exciting credit card within the next 7-10 days, making it a highly anticipated addition to the financial and dining landscape.

This partnership between HDFC Bank and Swiggy marks the introduction of the first co-branded credit card by Swiggy. The credit card will be available on the Swiggy app in the coming days, and eligible customers can apply for it. The card will be hosted on the Mastercard payments network.

Rahul Bothra, the Chief Financial Officer of Swiggy, highlighted that the new co-branded credit card aims to cater to modern-day consumers who actively seek rewards, offers, and cashback programs that enhance the value of their spending. The card is designed to provide rewards and benefits for everyday shopping across various categories, making the experience more rewarding and convenient for customers.


The Swiggy and HDFC Bank co-branded credit card provides a fantastic opportunity for users to save money while enjoying their favorite food, dining experiences, and grocery shopping. With a generous 10% cashback on all spends made on Swiggy, users can relish their meals while earning rewards on each order. Whether it’s a delicious restaurant meal, a quick food delivery, or purchasing groceries on Swiggy’s platform, the 10% cashback makes it even more rewarding.

Moreover, the benefits don’t stop there. Cardholders can also enjoy a 5% cashback on various popular platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ola, Uber, Zara, BookMyShow, and more. This broader spectrum of cashback offerings ensures that users can save on a wide range of purchases, from online shopping to ride-hailing services and entertainment.

Even for spends beyond the specified categories, the card doesn’t disappoint. Users will receive a flat 1% cashback on all other transactions, making it a reliable cashback credit card for day-to-day expenses and purchases that may not fall under the specialized categories.

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