Now, enjoy lounge access using your Yes Bank Credit Card, no Priority Pass required

If you’re a Yes Bank credit cardholder, it’s crucial to be aware of the complimentary airport lounge access benefit that typically accompanies credit cards. Many credit cards, including Yes Bank variants like the Yes Prosperity Edge, Yes Premia, Yes Private/Prime, Yes First Preferred, and Yes Bank First Exclusive credit cards, have historically provided Priority Pass memberships for lounge access. However, starting from October 1, 2023, Yes Bank has introduced a game-changer: Priority Pass will no longer be required for lounge access, rendering existing Priority Pass memberships invalid.

Airport Lounge Access with Yes Bank Credit Cards – No Priority Pass Required

Yes Bank’s premium credit cards have long provided cardholders with the valuable benefit of Priority Pass membership, granting them access to international lounges. In a recent announcement, Yes Bank has taken a customer-centric approach by eliminating the need for Priority Pass starting October 1, 2023. This enhancement simplifies the experience for cardholders, as they can now access international lounges directly using their credit cards, without the need to carry an additional Priority Pass. All credit cards that previously offered complimentary Priority Pass memberships can now be seamlessly used to access international lounges.

Yes Bank Credit Cards Offering Priority Pass

The following Yes Bank credit cards offered the Priority Pass membership to customers –

  • Yes Prosperity Edge Credit Card
  • Yes Premia Credit Card
  • Yes Private/Prime Credit Card
  • Yes First Preferred Credit Card
  • Yes Bank First Exclusive Credit Card


Yes Bank credit cardholders have cherished the complimentary airport lounge access benefit for its convenience and luxury. Many premium Yes Bank cards, in the past, provided Priority Pass memberships for access to international lounges.

In an exciting development, the bank has revealed that starting October 1, 2023, customers can seamlessly access international lounges using their credit card alone, eliminating the need to carry a separate Priority Pass. All existing Priority Passes will no longer be valid.

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