Best Travel/Airline Credit Cards

This list has travel and airline-focused credit cards.

Amex Platinum Travel

The highlights of the Amex Plat Travel credit card include Milestone benefits and Taj vouchers. If Taj vouchers are not useful for you, then other options are available as well. At least 48,000 MR points are received every year, including regular and milestone MR points, and these can be transferred to Marriott Bonvoy or one of the airline travel partners as AirMiles.

  • Joining Fee: Rs 3500+GST
  • Annual Fee: Rs 5000+GST
  • Rewards: Up to 8.5%
  • Best Rewards Redemption Options: Taj Vouchers
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Varies every year
  • Notable Features: Rs 34000 worth of Taj Vouchers as rewards for spending Rs 4 Lakhs in a year

Club Vistara SBI Card Prime

The best Vistara co-branded card right now, if you do not need the CV Gold from the Axis Vistara Infinite card, is provided by The Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME. The milestone benefit is given on any spends, including rent payments.

  • Joining Fee: Rs 2999+GST
  • Annual Fee: Rs 2999+GST
  • Rewards: Up to 5.6%
  • Best Rewards Redemption Options: Vistara Flights
  • Annual Fee Waiver: None
  • Notable Features: Premium Economy award tickets and CV Silver membership

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