MMTDOUBLEBLACK membership is the most premium offering from MakeMyTrip which also includes complimentary MMT Black membership  (Invitation only). The membership takes care of any cancellation in travel plans, if you are a frequent flier. Even if you fly 3-4 times a year, this membership can pay back in one way or other.

My Journey

I received complimentary MMTDOUBLEBLACK membership for first year via MMT ICICI Visa signature Card

  • Annual fee for this membership is 1499/- per year (since launch).

At times it is offered at 999/- as a limited period offer, if you hold any of their partner credit cards (For Citibank Ultima/ Prestige cardholders it was offered sometime back with 100% cashback as a limited time offer).


  • It covers any 2 domestic flights + any 2 domestic hotel cancellations (Member has to be a traveler to claim benefit)
  • Annual membership covers Member + 1 co-traveler (For 2 flight cancellations)
  • It also covers 2 Hotel cancellations (separate booking). Though this is nothing extraordinary considering most of the hotels have refundable bookings now days. Still non- refundable bookings are cheaper sometimes and can have an advantage here
  • Cancellation can be done upto 24 hours prior to Flight departure/ Hotel check in
  • My Cash can be used without any restrictions to make bookings or even claim vouchers and will never expire
  • If no cancellation is done in whole year, 50% of booking amount is refunded to My Cash wallet as Bonus (This feature was not available in maiden edition and was welcome addition just few months back)


  • On cancellation, booking amount is refunded as MMT My Cash wallet only
  • Even if you book multiple hotel rooms at once, only 1 room is eligible for refund per booking if cancelled.
  • Refunded My Cash can’t be transferred to bank/ credit card/ debit card
  • Multicity flight booking is not eligible
  • Booking has to be in Economy class only. Business/ Premium economy is not eligible
  • Last minute (under 24 hrs) cancellation will not result in any benefit from this membership

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