Enjoy special cashback offers on your international expenses when you use your Kotak Mahindra Visa Credit Cards.

Credit cards provide us with the convenience of avoiding the need to carry excessive cash and convert it into foreign currencies during our trips abroad. Instead, we can effortlessly swipe our card at any overseas merchant that accepts it and complete our payments.

However, it’s important to note that there is a 20% TCS (Tax Collected at Source) applicable when making international spends exceeding Rs. 7 Lakhs within a financial year. Additionally, card issuers typically impose a forex markup fee, usually around 3-3.5% of the transaction amount, for each international transaction.

Exciting news awaits frequent travelers as Kotak Mahindra Bank introduces an exclusive offer for its Visa credit cardholders. Now, you can earn cashback on international transactions amounting to USD 2023 or its equivalent.

From 13th June 2023 to 13th September 2023, Kotak Mahindra Visa credit cardholders can take advantage of an exclusive offer. During this period, eligible cardholders who receive an official offer communication via Email or SMS from the bank can earn a flat cashback of Rs. 2023 on international transactions amounting to USD 2023 or its equivalent in another foreign currency.

Please note that this offer is applicable solely to Kotak Mahindra Visa credit cards and is limited to cardholders who receive the official offer communication from the bank through Email or SMS.

Offer Terms and Conditions

The offer is applicable only to Kotak Mahindra Bank Visa credit cardholders and is only valid for those who have received an official communication from the bank regarding the offer.

The offer period is extended from 13th June 2023 to 13th September 2023, including both days.

A maximum cashback of Rs. 2023 can be earned by eligible cardholders, and it will be credited to the cardholder’s account within 90 days after the closure of the offer.

∙ The offer considers international transactions made with add-on cards, but the cashback is credited only to the primary cardholder’s account.

∙ If a customer possesses multiple Kotak Visa credit cards, the offer is applicable only on the card for which the customer receives the offer communication.


The cashback offer on Kotak Mahindra Visa credit cards is great and will allow you to receive some of your money back that is spent on your foreign trips. Similar offers on foreign currency spends with Visa credit cards were recently launched by Axis Bank and ICICI Bank. It is important to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the deal to avail maximum benefit from it.

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