Maximize your travel benefits and unlock exclusive perks by using your Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card for international purchases.

With its premium offerings and exceptional privileges, the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card caters to the discerning needs of affluent individuals, making it a top choice for those seeking unparalleled luxury and benefits.

A new offer has been launched by Axis Bank for Magnus cardholders recently, which will enable them to earn 10% bonus EDGE reward points on international spends made with their credit card. Furthermore, some changes to the terms and conditions of the cards have been announced by the bank, which will take effect from 1st September 2023.

10% Additional Reward Points on International Spends

From 21st July 2023 to 31st August 2023, the offer is valid, during which 10% bonus reward points can be earned on international spends made with your Axis Bank Magnus credit card. The fulfilment of the reward points is done within 60 days of the offer end date.

Look at the following example to understand the offer better –

Suppose you make the following eligible transactions during the offer period –

Rs. 4800 – 192 RPs earned

Rs. 2500 – 96 RPs earned

Rs. 5800 – 348 RPs earned

Rs. 850 – 48 RPs earned

Rs. 25000 – 1500 RPs earned

Thus, normally you would earn a total of 2184 RPs for the international spends made by you. However, during the offer period, you will earn 10% reward points more. Thus, you will earn a total of 2402 reward points for the spends made by you.


The offer by Axis Bank, which offers 10% additional reward points on international spends with the Magnus credit card, is great for those who regularly visit foreign countries or make international spends with their credit cards.

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