New Amex Reserve renewal benefit: Rs.10,000 Taj voucher

American Express recently added a new benefit to the not-so-rewarding credit card in the Amex lineup: Reserve. Here’s what you need to know:

Reserve Renewal Benefit

  • Benefit: Rs.10,000 Taj voucher on renewal
  • Spend Requirement: Rs.5L in previous anniversary year, Renewal fee paid
  • Fulfilment: 120 days post renewal fee payment.

That adds a decent reward rate of 2% (as Taj Voucher) on top of regular rewards & monthly rewards. Looks very nice on a quick look.

Taj Fisherman's Cove Chennai
Image snapped at: Taj Fisherman’s Cove Chennai

But the downside is, this is eligible for only those who pay the renewal fee. Hmm! This makes this benefit less attractive.

This rule is probably in place because most Plat charge cardholders have reserve as free and likely those are the only ones (majority) who hold reserve.

That aside, I did have a quick word with Amex support & others and here are some additional updates:

  1. Above offer not applicable if waiver is taken based on points/spends.
  2. Upgrades/downgrades not allowed with Amex, unlike HDFC.
  3. Seems Amex has done the needful reg. the RBI Ban but formalities taking time to put them back to normalcy. (this is not from high level source, so take it light)

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