Heaven on Earth Spa at Mumbai Airport Review (T2 – International)

As i recently flew out of Mumbai T2, International Departures, i did a quick visit to the Heaven on Earth (HOE) airport spa before i visited the GVK lOUNGE ( East Wing). Here’s a super quick review of the same, as it don’t deserve a lengthy one


Its located in Mumbai Airport T2 – International Departures Airside, near the GVK lounge (West Wing) and you can spot it easily with the signage.

Price & Getting Access

  • Paid Access: Its expensive as always, with rates starting from ~3000 INR for 30 mins.
  • Complimentary Access: I got access to this spa using my Dreamfolks Dragonpass card  . They took about 10 minutes to figure out how it works and finally someone was able to assist.


The area was neither big nor compact and the ambience was OKAY, nothing great here. Occupancy was about 20% during my visit.


If you go with the complimentary access, Dreamfolks usually gives you few options (30 mins each) in most outlets. Here I went with:

  • Neck & Shoulder Massage

So they assigned a “guy” who doesn’t seem to be trained, even with his looks. He started showing his skills (!) to relieve stress on neck and within a minute i can say that he’s definitely not the guy who passed the preliminary training!

So i decided to leave the place well before 30 mins.

  • Cardexpert Rating: 2/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

I would actually want to rate 0.1/5 but well, who knows, it might be my bad time

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