MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card Review

The current position of ICICI bank in credit card segment doesn’t do justice compared to its banking business. And much to our delight they are now looking more aggressive with the credit card business, which can be seen by the new offerings. Recent online/ spend offers on ICICI bank cards have been good too.

I am an ICICI bank savings account holder since last 18 years and occasionally received emails regarding LTF Platinum chip card. But their Payback reward points system is not something that excites me. That’s the reason I didn’t apply for them. As Siddharth rightly pointed out, only card worth taking from ICICI bank is Jet Sapphiro , which is not in my radar as I am not a frequent flier.

MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card

Nevertheless looking at their recent credit card shopping offers, I was looking for one which is not a part of Payback points system and zeroed in on Amazon pay ICICI Bank Visa Credit Card which was launched in last week of October 2018. As this card is by invitation only, I couldn’t apply for one yet. But looks like it will take some time.

Meanwhile on searching their other card offerings, one particular card which impressed me was this MMT ICICI Signature credit card launched recently around September 2018 and this is the review of same.

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